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Victorian House Plans

Victorian Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #132-255 Rich ornamental elements are hallmarks of the Victorian house plan. Historically, the first Victorian homes marked a popular departure from heavy timber-framed and masonry homes and the advent of industrial building methods. Turned posts and the characteristic decorative trim known as gingerbread were all made possible by industrialized milling methods, and the unique turrets, towers, and bays that used to define only luxury homes were suddenly made affordable by new building techniques. Steeply pitched roofs and strong asymmetrical forms abound, and vibrant paint colors emphasize the flamboyant designs. Although the Victorian house plan matured in America, it drew inspiration from French, Italian, and English home designs, as well as Colonial architecture.

  • Towers and turrets
  • Steeply pitched roofs
  • Gingerbread trim

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