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A Frame House Plans, Floor Plans & Designs for Builders

A-Frame house plans are an offshoot of the European chalet form, which is designed with a steeply pitched gable roof to shed snow.

A-Frame designs take it a step further by taking the roof nearly all the way to the ground, so the home looks like the letter A. The gable ends are often filled with windows to take advantage of views, while wood siding and stone accents help them blend into their settings. A-Frame house plans became popular in the 1960s and 1970s in snowy resort areas, and still deliver a huge amount of rustic appeal as mountain and lakefront getaways. More elaborate versions include wings or dormers to increase the limited living space that the traditional A-Frame form provides, while decks and porches expand the living area to the outdoors.

Steeply pitched gable roof extends to foundation

  • Wall of windows
  • Porches and decks

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