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Cabin Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #47-937
A-Frame House Plans
A-Frame house plans are an offshoot of the European chalet form, which is designed with a steeply pitched gable roof to shed snow. A-Frame designs take it a step further by taking the roof nearly all the way to the ground, so the home looks like the letter A.
Southern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #137-195
Adam/Federal House Plans
Spacious Adam/Federal house plans present a balanced, often brick, facade to the street, usually in two or more stories. The center hall entry features both sidelights and a fanlight overhead, as well as a pediment or portico supported by columns.
Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #927-1
Best Selling Builder House Plans
Looking for time-tested plans? This special collection of best selling house plans rank at the top of the charts for builders nationwide.
Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #20-2205
Builder House Plans - Editors Picks
Out of over 28,000 plans on Builder House Plans, these are ones that caught our attention – they’ve got the most interesting layouts, the hottest new design features, and outstanding details
Traditional Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1010-206
Builder House Plans - Move Up House Plans
Building for the move-up buyer? Make sure that you’re offering the kind of layout that today’s families want. Besides including plenty of room and sleeping space, these outstanding plans show off the hottest design features
Adobe / Southwestern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1-302
Builder House Plans Hot Buys
Builders, you know a good deal when you see it. These house plans are the best values, with deeply discounted prices and easy to build characteristics. But jump on it now, because the sale won't stick around.
Colonial Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #991-26
Cape Cod House Plans
New England's answer to harsh winters, Cape Cod house plans blend rugged practicality with a comfortable interior layout.
European Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #23-2488
Chalet House Plans
Chalet style house plans make perfect rustic getaway homes, with forms and features inspired by Alpine architecture. Two-story plans, often on raised foundations, rise above heavy snows, topped by steep gable roofs to shed the snow and ice.
European Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #119-407
Chateauesque House Plans
The Chateauesque home is formal and classic, defined by heavy ornamentation. A cut stone exterior gives the Chateauesque home an air of elegance.
Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #892-23
Contemporary/Modern Houses
Contemporary/Modern house plans cover a wide range of sub-styles and appeal to those who appreciate an up-to-date approach to both design and living.
Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #430-149
Cottage House Plans
The Cottage style house plan is synonymous with "cozy" but does not skimp on living space. Cottage house plans do not adhere to any specific architectural style, but my exhibit the influence of
Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #930-449
Designer's Choice
Sometimes you just know you've created something wonderful. We asked our top designers to identify the house plans that represent their best work
Colonial Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #928-179
Dutch Colonial House Plans
Often constructed of stone with a combination of brick and clapboard, Dutch Colonial homes look solid and substantial and are the essence of coziness.
Cottage Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #48-645
English Cottage House Plans
Springing up in American neighborhoods around the same time as Craftsman-influenced bungalows, English Cottage house share many features of modest, family-friendly bungalow designs, with a distinctly English look.
Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #929-1052
Exclusive House Plans
Thanks to our exclusive relationships with top designers, you'll find more than 2,500 home plans here that aren't available on other sites.
Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #46-834
French Country House Plans
Inspired by the cottages and grand manors of the French countryside, French country house plans are adapted to please today's homeowners.
Classical Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1058-83
Georgian House Plans
Still popular to this day, the Georgian style was originally imported from England during Colonial times. Larger than other Colonial house plans, Georgian homes are most suited for generous lots.
Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #72-975
Gothic Revival House Plans
Described as church-like in appearance, Gothic Revival house plans are commonly found in the Northeast. The Gothic Revival home is easily identified by its Gothic arches and pointed windows.
Southern Colonial style home, elevation photo
Greek Revival House Plans
Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #930-12
Italianate House Plans
Inspired by the classically-influenced architecture of Italian cities and countryside, Italianate style enjoyed an American revival throughout the 19th century.
Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1017-158
Luxury House Plans
Those who have achieved success in life are looking for luxury homes that reflect their achievements. This collection of Luxury Home Plans fulfills those aspirations, with expansive floor plans to answer the desire for additional living and entertaining space, and high-end options to add luxurious touches.
Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1017-160
Mediterranean Modern House Plans
Looking to build a home in the Sunbelt, e.g. Texas, Florida, Arizona, etc? If so, come explore our collection of Mediterranean Modern home plan designs and blueprints.
Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1058-78
Mission House Plans
The Mission style (really a revival, based on the style of California's 18th and 19th century missions) came to popularity in California, beginning in the 1890s, and soon spread to the rest of the Southwest and Florida.
Modern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #48-261
Multifamily House Plans and Duplex Designs
Getting into the multifamily market? Check out these duplex plans, triplex designs, and other layouts for more than one family. Entry-level buyers will especially appreciate these affordable designs.
Southern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #137-186
Neoclassical House Plans
Neoclassical house plans incorporate traditional elements drawn from classical architecture. The hallmark feature of Neoclassical design is a porch supported by grand columns, often extending two stories.
Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #70-1185
New American House Plans
Big inside and out, New American house plans embrace the idea of uninterrupted flow. Oversize windows allow abundant light into interior spaces.
Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #928-304
Newest Plans
Don’t get stuck with a dated design! These new plans show off the latest amenities and layouts. You’ll find open layouts, spacious island kitchens, and comfortable master suites that will set your homes apart from what’s already on the market.
Victorian Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #132-472
Queen Anne House Plans
The multistory Queen Anne house plan presents an eccentric asymmetrical façade to the street, providing a feeling of individuality and personal expression.
European Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #23-285
Second Empire House Plans
The double-sloped or "mansard" roof is a signature feature of the Second Empire house. Tall first-story windows, classical pediments, and a narrow stature are characteristic also.
Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #569-16
Shed House Plans
A shed roof is a single plane pitched in only one direction. A subset of modern-contemporary design, shed house plans feature one or more shed roofs, giving an overall impression of asymmetry.
Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #928-176
Shingle Style House Plans
The same Victorian movement that led to the rise of the Queen Anne style also made possible the popular Shingle style home. Distinctive towers, protruding gables, and complex rooflines connect this style to the rest of the Victorian school.
Adobe / Southwestern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #72-127
Southwest House Plans
Southwest house plans are a New World derivation of the Spanish structures that first arrived in North America in the 1600s, then surged into popularity during the 1920s.
Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #48-361
Spanish Revival House Plans
The popularity of the Mission style led to increased interest in other Spanish styles, such as those of the Spanish colonies in North and Central America. Heavy ornamentation such as wrought-iron window and door hardware, ornately carved and shaped columns, and patterned tile or ceramic floor treatments trace this style's origins to the Old World.
Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #25-4283
Split Level House Plans
The relaxed and informal split level house plan caters to growing families, with separate spaces for daily activities. The middle level of the house plan often contains the living and dining area, the upper level holds the bedrooms, and the lower lever typically features a finished family room and garage.
Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #137-374
Starter House Plans
Entry-level buyers looking for starter homes will look favorably on these plans, all geared toward first-time owners trying to stretch their dollars and end up with a home that they'll love.
Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #117-829
Vacation House Plans
This collection of Vacation House Plans brings together designs tailored for typical vacation home settings - seaside, lakefront, mountain view, wooded settings, and the like - giving you a wide variety of layouts to meet the needs of the vacation-home buyer.

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