Shingle Style House Plans

Designed to blend with nature, the Shingle style home plan is relaxed and free from most decorations.

The same Victorian movement that led to the rise of the Queen Anne style also made possible the popular Shingle style home.Distinctive towers, protruding gables, and complex rooflines connect this style to the rest of the Victorian school. Windows and entryways are not as elaborately decorated as other Victorian homes, however.

Though named for its continuous wood shingles, the style can also incorporate stone for foundations, towers, and porch supports.Continuous roughhewn wood shingles cover the roof and siding, but sometimes just on the second level.Example homes feature cross gables, steeply pitched roof lines, and eaves on several levels. Towers are common.

Architectural Features
  • Shingles on roof and siding
  • Complex rooflines
  • Decoration less elaborate than other Victorians
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Plan #HWBDO67325
Style: Split Level
Size: 3,337 Sq. Ft
Stories:2 Beds:6 Baths:4 ½ baths:2 Width:60' Depth:47'
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