The New American Garden

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0 Sq. Ft. Stories:1 Beds:0 Baths:0 ½ baths:0 Width:120' Depth:96'
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Many cultures seem to have an identifiable garden style--there are formal Italian fountain gardens, French parterres, English perennial borders, and Japanese contemplation gardens. For many years, we didn't have an American-style garden. Now, a new trend has arisen which the originators have dubbed the 'New American Garden.' This style of landscaping is naturalistic and relies on sweeps of ornamental grasses to create the feel of the prairies that once dominated much of the American landscape. The backyard garden presented here follows that theme. The grasses used vary from low-growing plants hugging the borders to tall plants reaching six feet or more. Some of the grasses are bold and upright; others arching and graceful. When the grasses flower, they produce plumes that dance in the wind and sparkle in the sun. Foliage colors include bright green, blue-green, variegated, and even blood-red. During autumn, foliage and flowers dry in place, forming a stunning scene of naturalistic hues in varying shades of straw, almond, brown, and rust. Most of the grasses remain interesting to look at all winter, unless heavy snow flattens them to the ground. In early spring, the dried foliage must be cut off and removed to make way for the new growth--but this is the only maintenance chore required by an established garden of ornamental grasses! The design includes a large, realistic-looking pond (not included in the plan blueprints), which can be made from a vinyl-liner or concrete. At the end of the path leading from the bridge, a small seating area provides retreat. Low in maintenance requirements and high in natural appeal, this garden of ornamental grasses delights the senses all year with subdued foliage colors, sparkling flower plumes and rustling leaves.
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0 Square Feet Beds:0 Baths:0 ½ baths:0 Stories:1 Garage Bays:0 Width:120' Depth:96'
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