Pueblo House Plans

Pueblo house plans are easily identified by their use of earth colored stucco and heavy exposed timbers.

Sometimes called adobes, Pueblos are characterized by massive earth-colored stucco or adobe-brick walls, with wood roof beams that project from the exterior walls.The interior of the Pueblo house plan may feature unpainted wood columns and poles placed in angled patterns on the ceiling.The floors are usually fashioned from flagstone, tile, brick, or wood.Rounded, organic forms give the entire structure a smooth appearance. Courtyards and flat roofs are appropriate for this desert-dwelling style.

Another very local and historical derivation of Spanish Colonial and Native American styles, the Pueblo home is still very popular in the American Southwest.

Architectural Features
  • Massive earth-colored walls
  • Interior unpainted wood columns
  • Courtyards and flat roofs
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