Romantic Outdoor Parties Landscape

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0 Sq. Ft. Stories:0 Beds:0 Baths:0 ½ baths:0 Width:140' Depth:73'
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Want to play a role from The Great Gatsby? Then close your eyes and imagine being a guest at a large party in this magnificent garden designed for formal entertaining. Imagine standing in the house at the French doors, just at the entrance to the paved area, and looking out at this perfectly symmetrical scene. The left mirrors the right; a major sight line runs straight down the center past the fountain to the statue that serves as a focal point at the rear of the garden. Three perfectly oval flowering trees on each side of the patio frame the sight line, as well as help to delineate the pavement from the planted areas of the garden. The flagstone patio along the house rises several steps above the brick patio, giving it prominence and presenting a good view of the rest of the property. The change in paving materials provides a separate identity to each area, yet by edging the brick with bluestone to match the upper patio, the two are tied together. Pink and purple flowering shrubs and perennials provide an elegant color scheme throughout the growing season. A vine-covered lattice panel, featuring royal purple flowers that bloom all summer long, creates a secluded area accessible by paving stones at the rear of the property. What a perfect spot for a romantic rendezvous!
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0 Square Feet Beds:0 Baths:0 ½ baths:0 Stories:0 Garage Bays:0 Width:140' Depth:73'
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