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A gently curving patio area amidst this naturalistic planting is the perfect place for a comfortable bench or table and chairs. A small, serene pond forms the centerpiece of this informal garden bed, drawing visitors to come and sit a spell. Irregular flagstones and natural river rocks nestle around the pond's edge, forming a semicircular patio area that makes a perfect spot for contemplating the plantings, relaxing or bird watching. If you'd like to include the sound of falling water in the scene, consider adding a small bubbler-type fountain to the pond. The design's simple, curving geometry and informal design make it suitable for either a front or backyard. Because the far side of the planting features tall evergreens and flowering trees, the bed could be easily turned into a privacy planting and used as the border of a small property. Or it can be situated in an open area of a large property to create an intimate space. Construct the pond from a flexible liner, or choose a prefabricated pond with a naturalistic shape. You can stock the pond with goldfish and grow water lilies and other aquatic plants in tubs submerged beneath the water surface, as long as the pond is at least 18 inches deep.
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0 Square Feet Beds:0 Baths:0 ½ baths:0 Stories:0 Garage Bays:0 Width:0' Depth:0'
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