Mediterranean-Style Home Zoom Reverse
HWBDO11137 $104 - 221
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Plan details

Luxuriant mixed borders beautifully frame this large house, which is reminiscent of those in southern Europe. The borders impart a feeling of warmth and coziness to what might otherwise be an imposing structure. The distinct planting areas are arranged informally around the front walk, with its dramatic entry landings that angle from the driveway to the front porch. The various shrubs, ornamental grasses, groundcovers, perennials, and bulbs are chosen for colorful leaves or flowers and for textural interest. Because all these plants are compact or low-growing, they are easy to maintain and won't obscure the house's handsome detailing. Even the deciduous trees anchoring the three major planting areas were selected for their compact, upright growth. They give the landscape needed height without shrouding the house. Balancing the triangle of trees is a larger deciduous tree in the strip of lawn next to the drive. This larger species, chosen for its slender shape and fine fall color, is set in a ring of mulch for easy mowing. The paving materials are selected for durability and ease of care. A brick edging dresses up the concrete walk, and a cobblestone border adds interest to the asphalt driveway. A sequence of long-blooming perennials, combined with shrubs and groundcovers that feature purple-bronze foliage, creates a colorful setting for this dramatic home.
Foundation: No Foundation Required
Styles: Southwest
Spanish Revival
Foundations No Foundation Required
Framing N/A
Facade N/A
Roof material Unknown
Roof framing Not Required

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