Narrow-Lot Contemporary Home Zoom Reverse
HWBDO11134 $80 - 210
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Plan details

The paving materials and triad of vase-shaped shade trees unify this attractive, easy-care streetside landscape on a fairly tight lot. Brick inlay in the driveway points the way to the walkway that curves around to the porticoed front door at the side of the house. Flagstone on the entrance landing is repeated in the private terrace outside the living room's French doors and in the pavers that lead around the right side of the house to the backyard. The shade trees form a triangle, each point of which serves a particular design function. The tree to the right of the drive enlivens the narrow strip of lawn and balances the weight of the house. Its underplanting of flowering groundcover and spring bulbs adds color while simplifying mowing. The tree to the far left anchors a curving border containing colorful, small-scale groundcovers, compact shrubs, and easy-care perennials and ornamental grasses. The tree nearest the house screens the small flagstone terrace from public view and furnishes cool shade for anyone seated on the bench. The landscape includes just enough lawn to offer a soothing, uniform green texture, which provides visual relief from the mixed plantings and contrasts prettily with the brick and flagstone, without demanding a lot of maintenance. The circular sweep of grass flanking the brick walk and mixed border helps break up the generally straight lines of the lawn. Brick, flagstone, and a trio of shade trees are used as unifying elements in this easy-care landscape designed for a small lot. The trees balance the size of the house while focusing attention on the main sections of the garden: a curving mixed border, a fence-enclosed terrace, and a narrow grassy strip.
Width: 60'
Foundation: No Foundation Required
Depth: 25' 6"
Styles: Neoclassical
Foundations No Foundation Required
Framing N/A
Facade N/A
Roof material Unknown
Roof framing Not Required

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