English Perennial Border Zoom Reverse
HWBDO11132 $50 - 180
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The British, being renowned gardeners, boast some of the prettiest flower gardens in the world. Their success in growing perennials to such perfection lies partly in the amenable British climate--cool summers, mild winters, plenty of moisture throughout the year, and very long summer days. Even without such a perfect climate, North American gardeners can achieve a respectable show of perennials by using plants better adapted to their climate. Arrange them into the flowing drifts made popular early in this century by British landscape designers, and you'll have the epitome of a perennial garden in your own backyard. The perennial border shown here fits nicely into a corner of almost any sunny backyard. Pictured with a traditional evergreen hedge as a backdrop for the flowers, the garden looks equally lovely planted in front of a fence or house wall, as long as the area receives at least six hours of full sun a day. The designer carefully selected an array of spring-, summer- and fall-blooming perennials, arranging them in artful drifts for an ever-changing display. Spring and summer blooms paint a delightful pink, magenta, and pale yellow color scheme sparked here and there with splashes of white and blue, and autumn brings deeper colors--gold, dark pink, and purple. Patches of burgundy- and silver-hued foliage plants in the foreground help tie the elements of the garden together and play up the flowers. The English perennial border with its graceful masses of ever-changing flowers represents the epitome of fine perennial gardening. Planted in a corner of your property, this garden will provide enjoyment for years to come. The English perennial border, with its graceful masses of ever-changing flowers, represents the epitome of fine perennial gardening. Planted in a corner of your property, this garden will provide enjoyment for years to come.
Foundation: No Foundation Required
Foundations No Foundation Required
Framing N/A
Facade N/A
Roof material Unknown
Roof framing Not Required



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