Old-Fashioned Roses and Perennials Landscape Zoom Reverse
HWBDO11040 $80 - 210
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A romantic old-fashioned rose border is always in style. The voluptuous fragrance and heavy-petaled blossoms of roses bring charm to any sunny garden. Here, the designer chooses old garden roses, which offer scent as well as ease of care, unlike modern hybrid tea roses. Although many of these cherished plants bloom only once during the season, their other charms far outweigh the repeat-blossoms of their modern cousins. Many have excellent summer and fall foliage and a heavy crop of glossy rose hips in autumn. In this border design, these belles of the garden are mixed with classic perennial partners and bulbs to create months of color and interest. A circular bed is tucked into this pleasingly curved border and is separated by a ribbon-like strip of lawn. A rose-covered pergola in the border frames a classically inspired sculpture in the bed's center, creating two balanced focal points. A stone bench placed under the arbor provides a lovely spot to contemplate the wonders of this flower-filled haven. Mulched pathways at the back of the border allow easy access for maintenance and for cutting flowers for the house. Designed to beautify the corner of a backyard, this rose-filled border can be easily turned into a free-standing bed and placed in the center of a lawn by rounding off the straight sides into a more free-flowing shape.
Foundation: No Foundation Required
Foundations No Foundation Required
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Roof material Unknown
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