Easy-Care Mixed Border Landscape Zoom Reverse
HWBDO11031 $80 - 210
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When small trees, flowering shrubs, perennials, and groundcovers are planted together, the result is a lovely mixed border that looks great throughout the year. The trees and shrubs--both evergreen and deciduous types--provide structure and form in winter, yet offer decorative foliage and flowers in other seasons. Perennials and bulbs occupy large spaces between groups of woody plants and contribute leaf texture and floral color to the scene. Even though this border contains a lot of plants, it is easy to care for. That's part of the beauty of a mixed border--the woody plants are long-lived and need little pruning if allowed to grow naturally. By limiting the number of perennials and blanketing the ground with weed-smothering groundcovers, maintenance is kept to a minimum without sacrificing beauty. You can install this mixed border in a sunny location almost anywhere on your property, though it's intended to run along the back of an average-sized lot. If your property is larger or smaller than the one in this plan, you can alter the design by either increasing or decreasing the number of plants in each grouping. Evergreen and deciduous shrubs and small trees, mixed with drifts of bulbs and flowering perennials, create an ever-changing border that's gorgeous every month of the year.
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