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HWBDO10993 $115 - 245
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The British have influenced more than one style of architecture, including this Georgian-style manor house. Here, the designer creates a beautifully symmetrical landscape that offers a dramatic park-like setting, perfectly suited to the country manor house of an English lord and lady. Because of the vast size of the house and property, a circular driveway swings in front of the main entrance for easy access. The entry court, clearly defined by the brick inlay that matches the facade of the house, allows room to park several cars. This parking court is hidden from the street by a berm and an evergreen hedge; the hedge actually serves as a low privacy wall but appears more friendly than a brick wall would in the same position. Brick piers are placed on each end of the hedge and at each side of both driveway entrances to emphasize the symmetry of the design. Majestic shade trees placed along the street and entry court create a transition from the public space to the home's private space. The large size of the trees also helps to scale down the size of the house, helping it to seem at home in its setting. Closer to the house, flowering trees in front of the large windows soften the facade and block the view into the house, providing those inside with a lovely sight in spring. Also shown here is home plan HPB683 by Home Planners. (The symmetrical layout of this landscape design perfectly matches the character of the grand Georgian house. Overhanging trees create a quiet, private setting and the circular driveway and grassy berm hide the entry court from immediate view, revealing the full impact at the final moment.)
Foundation: No Foundation Required
Styles: Neoclassical
Greek Revival
Foundations No Foundation Required
Framing N/A
Facade N/A
Roof material Unknown
Roof framing Not Required

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