Narrow Lot House Plans

As buildable land becomes more and more scarce closer to urban centers, builders and would-be home buyers are taking a fresh look at narrow lots. These lots offer building challenges not seen in more wide-open spaces farther from city centers, but the difficulties can be overcome through this set of house plans designed specially for narrow lots. These narrow lot house plans make efficient use of available space, often building up instead of out, to provide the home buyer with the amenities they desire without an expansive footprint. And because these narrow lot house plans are designed from the beginning to capitalize on a narrow configuration, the builder will find the widest variety of available plans that give the buyer a desirable layout that fits land overlooked by earlier developers. Closer-in narrow lots mean shorter commutes - and that means the buyer will have more time to enjoy the homes built on the narrow lots.

House for a Narrow Lot - Plan HWBDO76608

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