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Contemporary Italianate Matching Plans (5)
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Plan #HWBDO55820
Style: Prairie
Size: 9,820 Sq. Ft
Stories:2 Beds:4 Baths:6 ½ baths:2 Width:126' Depth:94'
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Plan #HWBDO61342
Style: Mediterranean
Size: 2,993 Sq. Ft
Stories:2 Beds:4 Baths:3 ½ baths:1 Width:46' Depth:42'
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Plan #HWBDO09785
Style: Neoclassical
Size: 4,187 Sq. Ft
Stories:2 Beds:4 Baths:4 ½ baths:1 Width:68' Depth:117'
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Plan #HWBDO55355
Style: Prairie
Size: 3,500 Sq. Ft
Stories:2 Beds:4 Baths:2 ½ baths:1 Width:52' Depth:56'
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Plan #HWBDO13137
Style: Italianate
Size: 4,657 Sq. Ft
Stories:2 Beds:3 Baths:3 ½ baths:0 Width:109' Depth:73'
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