Average Prices for House Plan Modifications

Note that all plan modifications require the purchase of a reproducible, PDF, or CAD format. Plan purchase is not required to obtain a modification quote.

Categories Average Cost

Adding or removing living space Quote Required
Adding or removing a garage Starting at $600
Garage: Front entry to side load or vice versa Starting at $300
Adding a screened porch Starting at $300
Adding a bonus room in the attic Starting at $450
Changing a full basement to crawl space or vice versa Starting at $495
Changing a full basement to slab or vice versa Starting at $495
Changing exterior building materials Starting at $200
Changing roof lines Starting at $600
Adjusting ceiling height Starting at $280
Adding, moving or removing an exterior opening Starting at $75
Adding or removing a fireplace Starting at $90
Modifying a non-bearing wall or room $65 per room
Changing exterior walls from 2"x4" to 2"x6" Starting at $995
Redesigning a bathroom or kitchen Starting at $150
Reverse plan right reading House $125
Garage $30
Adjust plan for handicapped accessibility Quote required
Interactive illustrations (choices of exterior materials) Quote required
Metric conversion of home plan Starting at $495
Metric conversion of a garage plan Starting at $195
Metric conversion of the materials list Starting at $150

Note: Any home plan can be customized to accommodate your desired changes. The average prices specified above are provided only as examples for the most commonly requested changes, and are subject to change without notice. Prices for changes will vary according to the number of modifications requested, plan size, style and method of design used by the original designer. To obtain a detailed cost estimate, please contact us.


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