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The English cottage garden, beloved for its romantic, old-fashioned and homey appeal, is the kind of country garden to have again these days--whether or not you actually live in a cottage. The backyard design pictured here includes a cottage garden of easy care, mixed perennials enclosed by a quaint picket fence. Suitable for many types of homes, from cottage to Colonial, this garden offers intimate scale and small spaces to create a comfortable backyard in which family and friends can feel at home. And there are plenty of flowers to cut all summer long for making indoor arrangements. Paving stones lead from the front of the house to the backyard, where an arbor beckons visitors into the cozy patio and garden. Straight ahead, in the midst of the flower garden, a sundial acts as a focal point, drawing the eye right across the patio and into the garden beyond. A picket fence encloses the informal patio and flower garden, defining the patchwork quilt of flowers inside it. Walk through the garden gate and down the path, and you will discover a garden swing nestled in the shade--a perfect spot for a romantic interlude or for whiling away the hours on a lazy afternoon. Not to be outdone by the garden itself, the shrub borders on the property's edge offer an ever-changing arrangement of flowering shrubs backed by a privacy screen of tall evergreens. The trees located at each corner of the house balance and unify the patio and flower garden, framing the garden when viewed from a distance.
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0 Square Feet Beds:0 Baths:0 ½ baths:0 Stories:0 Garage Bays:0 Width:0' Depth:0'
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