A Second Story Deck

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0 Sq. Ft. Stories:1 Beds:0 Baths:0 ½ baths:0 Width:155' Depth:62'
A second-story deck can be the answer to many difficult landscaping problems. Sometimes this deck type is built with a mother-daughter house to provide a private deck for a second-story apartment. If a house is built on sloping property and cannot accommodate a ground-level deck, a raised deck is the answer. With split-level or raised-ranch houses, where the kitchen is often on the second level, a second-story deck right off the kitchen eliminates the need to carry food and dishes up and down stairs. Even a high deck can have two levels and therefore two separate use areas, as the designer accomplishes with this deck. The upper area features a built-in barbecue, service cabinet and space for dining. The lower area invites family and guests to lounge and relax in the sun. Because the deck is high enough off the ground that an accidental fall could be dangerous, a railing and planters ensure safety. Filled with masses of annuals, the planters bring living color above ground. Without screening, the underside of the deck would be an eyesore when viewed from the yard. The designer solved this problem by enclosing the void beneath the deck with latticework and using a hedge to soften the effect. If the area beneath the deck is to be used as storage, a door can be added to the latticework. The triangular shape of the deck is far more pleasing than a square or rectangular design. Three flowering trees at the corners of the deck anchor this shape and further serve to bring color and greenery up high. Tall evergreens help to screen the deck from the neighbors. High above the rest of the garden, this second-story deck affords a beautiful view of the grounds. And the deck looks beautiful too, because latticework and soft plantings integrate it into the landscape.
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0 Square Feet Beds:0 Baths:0 ½ baths:0 Stories:1 Garage Bays:0 Width:155' Depth:62'
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